How to to make extra income online !

• Become a freelancer- One of the ways you can make extra money online is by becoming a freelancer online. A freelancer is generally self-employed and is not committed to one employer. By registering on sites like fiverr and Upwork, you can get paid for projects or delivering content. However, do not expect to start earning fantastic returns right away; it takes time to build reputation since you will be competing with many other experienced freelancers.
• Sell on eBay- EBay is one of the most popular ways for sellers to find a market place for their products. With minimal fees, you can easily post your merchandise on eBay and find buyers easily. Note that EBay already has an established traffic of buyers, so all you have to do is to leverage on the traffic and make some sales.
• Blogging-writing a good blog is very tasking and it requires a lot of work, dedication and persistence. You must first of all identify your target audience and continually post contents to meet the reading needs of your audience. Rich content is the driving force of a lucrative blog.

• Online Surveys- If you cannot do any of the three above, you can at least complete surveys online and get paid for your time. The income potential may not be attractive because most online surveys typically pays a token, but all be it, if you can complete as many surveys as you can if you have the time, you might be able to gather some extra cash to use offset some bills. Check out sites like swag bucks and inbox dollars are good examples. There are many out there you can easily search for on the internet. .
• Ride sharing- If you have your car, you could sign up to use any of the ride sharing apps to make some cool cash as a side hustle. Notable among them is Uber and Lyft. You can work as an independent contractor and earn money on your terms The cool thing about driving for these ride sharing organizations is that you get to choose your own hours, there is no clock in or clock out requirement. You can log in when you are ready and available to work and sign out when you don’t feel like working. Plus you are your own boss, you don’t have to deal with office politics, paper works and all the shenanigans there in lol

These are only a few ways you can make extra money online, there are a lot more means out there on the internet you can explore.


  1. Amazing ACE 5 September, 2017 at 22:20 Reply

    You nailed it by pointing out that rewards on returns isn’t instantaneous but perseverance is key in building reputation. Also I like the different ways you pointed out that people can make easy cash, I haven’t thought of some before but now I’ll look into the ones you mentioned and fly from there. Thanks for you thought.

  2. Terry 7 October, 2017 at 20:46 Reply

    like this, I never give this a thought but am gonna dig deeper to see how I can make extra money by the side. thank you for sharing these thoughts :

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