Equifax Data Breach and you!

The latest report about the data breach involving one of the foremost credit rating agencies in the United States is worrisome.
It has been reported that about 143 million people may have had their personal information stolen as a result, that is roughly half of the US population.
If you have not done so, take immidiate action in looking up your comprehensive credit report. That way you can be able to nip things in the bud before they go south should you be impacted.

Click here  www.equifaxsecurity2017.com   to learn more and check to see if you might be affected. You will need to enter the required information in order to look you up.

Here is Senator Elizabeth Waren's perspective about the equifax saga;

"Equifax did a terrible job protecting your data because they didn’t have a reason to care. Today the outgoing CEO of Equifax admitted to me that the company is actually making money selling more fraud protection products to people whose data they allowed to get stolen. The incentives for companies like Equifax are all out of whack. We need to give consumers control of their own data – and we need to clean house and impose real financial penalties when corporate executives fail to protect it."

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