Safety tips to observe when using public ATMs

Last week on my way from work, I suddenly remembered that I needed to draw some cash from the ATM to pay for some domestic needs. While driving along I spoted an ATM along the way. I pulled up and made an attempt to enter, but the door swung open before I had the chance  to slide my card through the opening slut. Behold, a homeless guy in the ATM vestible opened the door for me. I thought that was nice of him and thanked him politely. But just as I made for the machine, the homeless guy came and stood beside me , he stood so close I could feel his foul breath. Then an impulse hit me, if I should get muged by this dude what would I do? What chance do I have against this 6ft 5" homeless dude who has got nothing in the world to loose? At that instance, I braced for the worst, quickily retreaved my card from the machine and dashed for the door, pronto. I took off before he could recollect his thoughts,  jumped straight into my car and zoomed off.
I escaped unhurt, but here are some of the lessons learnt;

1. Be vigillant when using isolated ATMs. Look around the sorrounding and make sure no one is lurking around.
2. Be wary of strangers who open ATM vestible doors for you. You have your ATM card, make use of it.
3. Do not wear expensive jewelries, wrist watches or something that might attract would be assailant's attention to you.

4. Avoid counting cash at the ATM or in public, wait untill you are safely in your car before counting the cash if you must.

5. Finally, if you ever encounter an actual  hold up or get assailed for cash at the ATM, please comply with the thief, be safe first, you can file a report later. Remember, most  ATMs are equiped with surveillance cameras that will aid law enforcement in investigation in case of an incidence.

Always remember,  your safety is more important than the cash, cash is replaceable but your life, not really!!!

Be safe


  1. Mike 6 September, 2017 at 08:37 Reply

    Good tips. Clearly, if any body is kind enough to open an ATM vestible door for me and hangs around in the ATM gallery behind me when he or she is supposed to be ahead of me, I certainly will suspect a foul play. I will pretend I forgot something outside and off I go.

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