Uber to resume driver-less car after the Arizona crash

Uber technologies, the  ride sharing giant has indicated Monday that it will relaunch it's driver-less vehicles in San Francisco after the initial one attempted in Arizona was involved in a crash. According to Uber's  spokeswoman who refused to be identified, " we are resuming our development in San Franciso this morning" she said in an email as reported by Gina Cherelus of reuters.

Ubers's San Francisco program is currently in development mode. The program presently has two cars registered with the Calofornia Department of Motor Vehicles, but is not transporting passengers at the moment. As reported by reuters, the Uber spokeswoman said that because of this new development, the company felt confident in putting the cars back on the road while it continue to investigate the crash in Arizona.

But how far can uber go with this supposed innovation.? Only time will tell.......


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